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A growing library of skills
Getting smarter all the time

  • Let your patients schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments without having to speak with someone, log in to a portal or download an app
  • Send outbound appointment reminders automatically and allow patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule without calling in
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions and automatically send useful information and links by text message

Cut down on over 50% of your phone calls while increasing patient satisfaction


Patients can communicate by phone, SMS/text, Facebook messenger, or through a widget on your website. Use your existing phone number or a new one for Eleanor.


No need to hire someone just to answer calls in another language. Eleanor can speak and understand English and Spanish.

Available 24/7

Don't miss your patients ever again. Let Eleanor talk to patients when your staff are busy or when your clinic is closed.


Eleanor follows the same scheduling rules as your clinic staff. Our intelligent mapping system is backed by a standardized vocabulary and sophisticated AI technology.


Eleanor knows your patients as well as you do, so she can tailor her conversation to each person's unique needs.

HIPAA Compliant

Rest easy knowing that your data is fully encrypted in our system, and we never send or receive protected health information (PHI) over unsecure channels.

EMR Integrated

We support a number of EMR and scheduling systems.


Key Benefits

  • No change in behavior for patients or clinic staff
  • No new tools or technology to learn
  • Fits into your existing workflow and follows your clinic rules
  • Easy and quick to implement

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Software Development Kit

Drop-in code and APIs to ntegrate our core technology into your mobile or web-based applications.

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